Transitions during the Year of the Chariot 2023

Brownie the Boar & Rev Monika Kojote, 2023

Hello wonderful readers, and welcome to my final newsletter from the mountainside at Kõrgemäe Farm. Sadly, my time of homesteading, farm living, and animal husbandry is drawing to a close. I have deeply treasured the magical lessons from the Kune Kune pigsScottish Highland Cows, the local coyote pack, the neighborhood dog kennel, and the nine farm cats that have roamed the porches!

Concord & Rev Monika Kojote, 2023

After my pilgrimage to Nepal (Sept-October 2022), I began rather intensive training on land healing, mountain magics, advanced weather workings, and furthered my studies working with phurbas for human healing/psychopomp/deposession work. I received different perspectives on indigenous forms of Soul Retrieval, which has helped to decolonize the teachings I learned during my own shamanic training (2010-2012). 

Nagarkot village, Nepal, Rev Monika Kojote, 2022

In March, I will be moving deeper into Washington County, to continue my studies of mountain healing magics, and to work with the Appalachian ranges specifically. I am also moving to an area that makes it much easier to facilitate in-person shamanic workshops (but I will still be teaching monthly Zoom lectures, stay tuned for those!).

Finally, I began filming short 2-minute videos that share general lessons of healing and connection on my TikTok account– please follow me there and share in the adventures!

Monika Kojote

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