Spring Equinox Druid Ritual

from Wikicommons, public license

Happy Alban Eilir, fellow Druids, pagans, spiritual seekers, and celebrants! Let us gather together in online community to celebrate one of the great equalizers of both time and space–the Equinox! This ritual will take place at 5:00pm EST, on Sunday 19 March 2023.

In my ~22 years as a Druid, I have often honored the beloved Celtic ocean trickster deity, Mannanan Mac Lir, on this holiday. Living along the East Coast of the States has made it easy to connect to the Atlantic both spirituality and within the physical world. Recently, we experienced the planet Saturn moving into Pisces, which adds to the churning waters of change!

For both new and ongoing attendees, please make note of the link posted here: I STRONGLY encourage you to become a Patreon member in order to gather together in sacred community for this rite. Both Facebook and YouTube have caused numerous issues during the last 3 livestreams, and so I will be using a dedicated link for members only.

And if you find that you’d prefer to do only a single donation for this ritual (and not a monthly Patreon subscription), please use the link here. Your donation of at least $15 will allow me to forward the LIVE details to you inbox.

See you soon, aaaaaooooooo!

2 thoughts on “Spring Equinox Druid Ritual

  1. Hi – Sorry to bother you but when is the event? I didn’t see it listed and even when i went to the links it didn’t indicate a date. Thanks.




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