Mentoring & Divination

Mentoring Services:

Within shamanic cultures, the spirits provide insight through omens, internal messages, divination, and creative inspiration. Many times, spirits give out “healing homework,” and follow up is needed to integrate the lessons. A listening ear and a guiding voice can be very helpful, no matter where an individual may be in their personal spiritual journey. Additionally, it can be beneficial for those in leadership positions to discuss different behavior patterns seen in spiritual groups, and how best to set boundaries and maintain supportive energy.

I am available via phone, Zoom/Skype, and in person, to engage in a discussion of these and other spiritual issues. This is not in place of a Crisis Hotline– if you are feeling suicidal/homicidal, or are the victim of abuse, you need to immediately contact 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Department.

Available via phone call, Zoom/Skype, and in-person (case-by-case during COVID-19)

$75.00 per hour


Divination has been used by religious cultures around the world to provide insight, advice, and healing to those that seek answers from their helping spirits. Clients may choose from three different but complimentary divination systems (Norse Runes, Irish Ogham, and Tarot). I will provide a photo and a short written response to your question(s) highlighted by the reading, along with guidance on how to proceed. Sometimes, deeper issues are brought into consciousness via divination, and further information via spiritual mentoring can be helpful to clients (see above).

Available via email, phone call, Zoom/Skype

$50 per question

Patreon Community: 

For individuals who are interested in these services, but at a lower rate, please visit my Patreon account. Each tier of support takes into account the different social-economic statuses here in the U.S., especially those that are on a fixed income due to disability, SSI/SSDI, and/or retirement.

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