Healing Services

(c) Rev. Monika Kojote, 2019

Individual Healing Ceremony:

Each ceremony draws on my 20+ years experience & relationships with ancestors, trees, healing plants, stones, crystals, animal spirits, the Mighty Dead, etc. in order to create a fully individualized healing. Depending on the symptoms recognized by the Spirits, depossession work may be needed, as well as psychopomp work for family/ancestors. This can also involve past-life healing and curse-breaking. Most appointments last around 2 hours, and the type of healing given depends on the information received while in trance.

For those that are able to travel to Washington County, the healing ceremony will have the added benefits of animal healing & integration as part of the session.

Available over Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, video recording, and in-person

$200 (+ $50 for onsite animal healing)

Integration Support Ceremony:

After a catalyzing individual ceremony, clients may be in need of a follow-up session. This is useful to clear the energetic, etheric, and auric layers of any residual blockages (i.e., “pain bodies”) that are maintaining their hold. This is also useful if the healing work and soul retrieval are not integrating effectively. Most follow-up/integration appointments last approximately 1 hour, and are offered at reduced cost within a 40-day time period.

Available over Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, video recording, and in-person

$99.00 within 40 days of original ceremony

House Clearing & Blessing Ceremony:

House clearings are useful for homes, apartments, offices, workspaces, animal rescues, farmland, etc. The spirits & I work to clear the entire area of intrusions, ghosts, dead energies, and other uninvited entities. Next, we immediately create and reinforce all wards & boundaries on the property. I also begin a dialogue with the spirits of the Land, to ensure that it is protected and in relationship with the current tenants. I am able to travel to Washington D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Virginia. Additional costs may be added for locations involving greater-than-90-minute driving times, fuel, tolls, and special circumstances (i.e., death on the property).

pricing negotiated on a case-by-case basis

Group Healing Ceremony:

This ceremony is crafted with a group of people that are interested in targeted healing of specific issues. Stones, wooden wands, crystals, etc. will be set up in a healing grid to help support the energy, and I will work with each client individually (and the group egregore as a whole). Blockages will be removed & released, and energy will be returned in the form of soul retrieval, power retrieval, and other spirit blessings. It is helpful to bring a journal, to write down any thoughts or discussion during your healing, and to remember the advice provided by the Spirits. All religions, spiritualities, etc. are welcome, and a genuine desire for healing and wholeness help make this ritual powerful.

pricing negotiated on a case-by-case basis

Patreon Community: 

For individuals who are interested in these services, but at a lower rateplease visit my Patreon account. Each tier of support takes into account the different social-economic statuses here in the U.S., especially those that are on a fixed income due to disability, SSI/SSDI, and/or retirement.

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