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Example of a remote Healing Grid for the protection of land, waterways, and the Earth Mother, (c) Rev. Monika Kojote, 2022

Individual, partner, family, and group healing ceremonies can occur in a variety of ways. If you are willing to travel (negative COVID test required), then I will give you my address and we will work together in my Healing Temple space. If unable to travel to me, we have three options:

  1. Traveling Shaman: I can pack a range of shaman supplies (including stones, crystals, and wands) and travel to your home (additional gas & toll charge required for driving times past 60 minutes). This works best for those without transportation, nervousness regarding driving, those with health issues, and/or home-bound clients (negative COVID test required).
  2. Online Healing Ceremony: If the travel is longer than 60 minutes in any direction (see above), then it may be easiest for us to work online via Zoom or Skype . Both are free services (you must  sign up with a username), and allow us to work together in real time and talk about the healing as it occurs. Note: Zoom has the ability to record the ceremony, while Skype has better sound quality for sacred songs.
  3. Remote Healing Ceremony: This type of appointment is for those with limited internet connection, potential disability limitations, and/or zero ability to travel. We will set up a day & time, and I will facilitate healing for you, and then upload a recording (audio or video, based on preference) & email the results. 

Once you and I have agreed on a specific day & time for our session together, please  pay a $100 deposit towards the final cost of the healing (non-refundable). After confirmation, the healing work can begin!

Your Spirits will begin working on your subtle EnergyBodies, helping to prepare you for healing and soul retrieval (they begin this process even if your appointment is a few weeks away!). One way to assist with this process is to journal, sketch, and/or create a list of the changes you hope to make in your life. Another way is to ask the Spirits each night to “return your Power back to you.”  

The day of the healing ceremony, try to take care of your body as best you can. It’s helpful to have a bite to eat, but not so much that you are overstuffed and in pain. Same thing with caffeine; tea & coffee are excellent, but not to the point of jittery-ness.

The healing ceremony will follow a general outline:

  • Honoring and invitation to the Ancestors
  • Call to the directions (East, South, West, & North) for protection & guidance
  • Creation of a doorway between all the worlds (Under-world, Middle-world, Upper-world, and beyond) and opening of the Gates
  • Songs to invite the spirits of Mother Earth, Honored Dead, Nature Spirits, Deities, and personal Spirits
  • Removal of blockages, intrusions, and possessory entities
  • Re-building the druid cauldrons of the body, mind, and soul
  • Return of Soul Essence
  • Introduction to one’s own Spirits
  • Sealing of the healing work and empowering of your personal shield & protections
  • Songs of gratitude to the Spirits

Most Healing Ceremonies are between 2 – 2.5 hours, depending on the work brought forth by the Spirits, as well as any discussion and questions.

After the healing ceremony, your energy bodies will go through a process of adjustment, as the healing takes hold and empowers you. Everyone has a different process, and effects can be felt anywhere from immediately to within a few weeks. The gifts that your soul essence returns to you can take up to a year to manifest fully (my own soul retrieval completely changed my life within 8 months). To learn more about how to support this process, please read this fantastic article by Chiron Armand!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to send me a follow-up email! We can discuss any issues, dreams, ideas, blockages, etc., as well as possible integration and mentoring

May your path towards healing flow clearly before you,

Rev. Monika Kojote

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