Medusa Labyrinth of Statues Ritual (online)

Rev. Monika Kojote will lead a Druid-style ritual to communicate with Medusa for personal healing and soul retrieval. This ceremony will include a guided pathworking for paid attendees in order to facilitate the collective understanding of personal wounds from broken patriarchal structures, victimization from our government, and soul loss as a result of compassion fatigue/secondaryContinue reading “Medusa Labyrinth of Statues Ritual (online)”

Presenting at the Sacred Space Conference

Huzzah, after over 3 years of waiting, it’s here! The Sacred Space/Between the Worlds spirituality conference is this weekend! I am presenting both a lecture and a ritual in honor of the divine Medusa: her evolution as a goddess, her role in healing both personal & societal Soul Loss, and her embodiment as the sacredContinue reading “Presenting at the Sacred Space Conference”

Spring Equinox Druid Ritual

Happy Alban Eilir, fellow Druids, pagans, spiritual seekers, and celebrants! Let us gather together in online community to celebrate one of the great equalizers of both time and space–the Equinox! This ritual will take place at 5:00pm EST, on Sunday 19 March 2023. In my ~22 years as a Druid, I have often honored theContinue reading “Spring Equinox Druid Ritual”

Transitions during the Year of the Chariot 2023

Hello wonderful readers, and welcome to my final newsletter from the mountainside at Kõrgemäe Farm. Sadly, my time of homesteading, farm living, and animal husbandry is drawing to a close. I have deeply treasured the magical lessons from the Kune Kune pigs, Scottish Highland Cows, the local coyote pack, the neighborhood dog kennel, and the nine farm cats that have roamed the porches! After myContinue reading “Transitions during the Year of the Chariot 2023”

Imbolc healing ceremony video

Hello dear humans! Many of us met together for the LIVE YouTube ceremony on my channel this past Sunday for Imbolc (and Full Moon blessings, too!). If you missed the broadcast, please click on the link below and give yourself about an hour to complete your ceremony work with Brigid. This year’s ceremony included aContinue reading “Imbolc healing ceremony video”

Imbolc, the start of Spring!

For those of us within the Northern Hemisphere, we have made it through the longest, darkest nights of Winter. Come celebrate in a Druid ritual of healing with Rev. Monika Kojote to bring renewal of the body, mind, soul, and Awen! This LIVE ceremony will be held on her YouTube channel. Please click on theContinue reading “Imbolc, the start of Spring!”

Soul Retrieval training (for March 2023)

This workshop is open to all spiritual healers, leaders, and philosophers who not only have a solid background in active meditation techniques & shadow work, but who wish to learn the deep, profound nature of the embodied Soul (human, animal, plant, land, etc).  These techniques were originally passed via Sandra Ingerman’s lineage of teachings (2010Continue reading “Soul Retrieval training (for March 2023)”

Weihnachtszeit Healing Video

Guten tag, meine Lieblings! After some major snafus with technology and power outages (life in the Appalachian Mountains!), we were able to gather together in sacred community and honor the loving darkness of the year. Due to Facebook’s new copyright infringement bullshit, I am unable to download a copy of my own ceremony, grr. PleaseContinue reading “Weihnachtszeit Healing Video”

Weihnachtszeit Druid Ceremony

(image by Maritess Sulcer, NJ artist, wiki commons, public license) Join Rev. Monika Kojote in an online healing ceremony the evening of Monday, 19th December, starting at 6:30pm EST (on Facebook LIVE).  Rev. Monika will begin with a sharing of some of her Germanic folk traditions before the purification of the healing space and theContinue reading “Weihnachtszeit Druid Ceremony”

The sacred healing powers of salt

(updated from an article on my previous blog) The holiday season has begun here in the States, and instead of gently retreating into Inner Sanctum time, Hermit time, and recuperation time, most of us actually “speed up” and try to add even more tasks, social visits, and travels to our packed schedules. The month ofContinue reading “The sacred healing powers of salt”