Imbolc healing ceremony video

Hello dear humans!

Many of us met together for the LIVE YouTube ceremony on my channel this past Sunday for Imbolc (and Full Moon blessings, too!). If you missed the broadcast, please click on the link below and give yourself about an hour to complete your ceremony work with Brigid.

This year’s ceremony included a direct path working to Brigid of the Forge. We worked together to create a magical artifact to help us heal from the frenetic pace of 2022 (the inability to process our grief), and to prepare our armor for the power of our own choices for 2023. Enjoy!

Sadly, there were some snafus with the notifications for my subscribers, and a few of you reported that you never received the YouTube link. I am so very sorry for that; and I have a solution!

Both Facebook LIVE and YouTube LIVE have drastically changed their software in the past few months, which directly affects small businesses (like mine). In order to ensure that all ~2200 of you wonderful folx receive effective notification for upcoming LIVE events, I have started a Patreon account! This helps me to follow up with each individual supporter, provide the community with direct access to my ceremonial work, and for high-level supporters, provide one-on-one teaching and mentoring.

I hope to meet these technological challenges with this new format, and I thank you all for supporting me for over a decade, aaaoooooooo!

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