Weihnachtszeit Healing Video

Guten tag, meine Lieblings! After some major snafus with technology and power outages (life in the Appalachian Mountains!), we were able to gather together in sacred community and honor the loving darkness of the year.

Due to Facebook’s new copyright infringement bullshit, I am unable to download a copy of my own ceremony, grr. Please feel free to follow the link below for your own viewing pleasure and healing magics! And for those who are both willing & able to support my work with the public, donations may be made here. Danke shön!

(Sadly, you must have a Facebook account to view this, my deepest apologies…)

Weihnachtszeit Solstice Healing Candle Ritual, (c) 2022, Rev. Monika Kojote

Blessings of the Solstice to you all, and may you rest in the comfortable darkness until the New Year, aaaooooooooo!

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