Weihnachtszeit Druid Ceremony

(image by Maritess Sulcer, NJ artist, wiki commons, public license)

Join Rev. Monika Kojote in an online healing ceremony the evening of Monday, 19th December, starting at 6:30pm EST (on Facebook LIVE). 

Rev. Monika will begin with a sharing of some of her Germanic folk traditions before the purification of the healing space and the Druid ceremony. All are welcome, no matter what age and/or spirituality, and an individual Rune reading will be given to those who attend the LIVE session and comment with their consent for it to be read in Community.

For those that catch the recording, you are welcome to send me an email (monikakojote at gmail dot com) or FB Message to set up your own Rune reading!

Please ensure that you not only mark “going” on the Facebook LIVE event, but that you both “like” and “favorite” my Page. A donation of $15 is highly encouraged, but none will be turned away.

FINAL NOTE: Please have a candle with you for this ceremony & healing. Beeswax and/or soy wax are the best, as other materials contain ingredients that affect how the wax burns down. 

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