Soul Retrieval training (for March 2023)

(c) Rev. Monika Kojote, 2023

This workshop is open to all spiritual healers, leaders, and philosophers who not only have a solid background in active meditation techniques & shadow work, but who wish to learn the deep, profound nature of the embodied Soul (human, animal, plant, land, etc). 

These techniques were originally passed via Sandra Ingerman’s lineage of teachings (2010 and again in 2013). After receiving & integrating these lessons from the spirits, the healing techniques have been adapted by building in additional philosophies from different lineage transmissions (i.e., Nepal, Japan, Ireland). Rev. Monika Kojote has facilitated soul retrieval healing for over 12 years in her public shamanic practice.

This will be the fourth round of teachings for the public, and she adds educational aspects from Indo-European folk magic, Western Occultism, and Celtic Druidry. Additionally, she empowers this work with the strict ethical codes from her 20+ years in various health & human services fields (psychology, shamanism, and clergy).

In order to receive a certificate of completion, attendees must attend all three days of this training, including the final ritual on Sunday. Due to the advanced nature of the teachings, attendees must balance receiving the lessons both online AND in person (negative COVID test required).


  • Friday
  • 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM– Online Day (Zoom link will be sent to paid attendees)
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

The cost of this 3-day workshop is $250, which is payable via cash, check, Venmo, or PayPal. For students who have already taken this course and are interested in re-taking it, the price is only $125. Please email me at for questions.

I am ecstatic to share this life-changing, miraculous work with you, and to start the new year of 2023 in a profoundly healing way! 

One thought on “Soul Retrieval training (for March 2023)

  1. Happy Moon’s day, Monika!

    I hope you’ve been well and that spring is offering continued opportunities for growth and healing.

    So this email got buried in my promotions mailbox and I’m bummed to have missed this workshop.

    Do you know if others will be offered this year?

    I’ve been feeling the call to work more deeply but i don’t know where to start, and this seems like it may be a good place to begin.

    All of the hugs and happy howls,



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