Working shamanically with Plants

From WikiCommons, public domain

On Sunday, July 17th, starting at 3pm EST, Rev. Monika Kojote will be teaching an online workshop on working shamanically with plants (lecture given over Zoom).

We are fully within the season of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and gardens, parks, and community farms are full of healing plants! Many of us started to grow our own food & herbs during Shelter-In-Place 2020. Are you ready to connect with your Plant Spirits at a deeper level?

Please join Rev. Monika Kojote in a 2-hour workshop on shamanic practices that help bridge a connection with ALL types of plants! This class will include techniques within both the physical and metaphysical worlds, and guidance for starting a dialogue with your plants (to help them adapt & thrive in these times of climate change).

The cost of this workshop is $25, and a recording will be made for all paid attendees to keep!


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