Greetings from the mountainside farm!

Hello wonderful readers, and welcome to my first newsletter from the mountainside at Kõrgemäe Farm. I’ve fully unpacked, my Temple is set up, and I am adapting to rural farm living. Each day brings something new to the Farm; Kune Kune pigsScottish Highland “Coos“, barn cats, groundhogs, wild turkeys, and a few nights ago, the local coyote pack howled their “welcome” too!

Once I introduced myself to the local land spirits, they showed me the next evolution of my shamanic work. I am living on the battlegrounds that were created during the Civil War (Harpers’ Ferry, Antietam, Gettysburg, etc.). These major wounds of soul loss arise from the enslavement and genocide that form our beloved-but-broken country. Shamanism addresses and heals the roots of trauma; I am discovering how to address these formative, colonial egregores that affect our citizenry & governmental systems today.

Currently, I am working with clients in a myriad of ways. Because COVID-19 is still with us, I am working over Zoom/Skype/FaceTime, and teaching workshops in this way (for now). I have been able to work with a handful of clients on the healing grounds of the property itself (negative COVID test & liability signature required). This adds animal healing support & integration/aftercare when individual ceremonies have ended.

(c) Rev. Monika Kojote, 2022

I am enraptured with the gifts of this Land, its Mountain energies, the blessings of its Spring Waters, and the charm of the 220-year old Farmhouse. I hope to share its healing energies with those who are able to make the commute to Washington County, Maryland.

Monika Kojote

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