Honoring the Truth-Tellers during Independence Day

Recently, the local historians & politicians of Washington County honored Freedom of the Press Day here in Maryland. Friends of mine invited me to join them at the only National War Correspondents Memorial within the United States.

(c) Rev. Monika Kojote, 2022

During the memorial service that focused on honoring the five journalists who were killed in Annapolis last year, I felt centered, opened up my boundaries, and give prayers & offerings to these Mighty Dead.

Since that day, I have felt the presence of these truth-tellers as our country struggles with the push-pull of constant, ongoing traumatic change. We have continually suffered under the collapse of our country’s structures (Tower Time), and every single citizen and guest of the United States has felt pain and damage.

Much effort has been brought forth by advocates to protect the Board of Elections, ensure safe voting practices, support ethical practices among our governmental leaders, and ask for divine intervention to hold oath-breakers accountable. My own group of students & co-healers have spent years in group ceremonies to protect the peoples of the United States, especially BIPOC, queer, disabled, and other marginalized folx.

What helped us most in our advocacy and societal works is ethical & truthful reporting from journalists and news media. How can we know where to focus our efforts unless we support the “seers” that bring us information?

During Independence Day weekend, I began prayers to the Mighty Dead of journalists, war correspondents, truth-tellers, oracles, and seers of all sorts. These cultural ancestors sacrificed their lives in order to bring information to the People in order to enact change.

I ask for help from the Community: those who are willing, please join me in daily prayers for both our ancestral truth-tellers and our current ones. Imbue your magics with the need for Truth, Sovereignty, and Power of Speech. By increasing what we what manifest in our world, we are better able to decrease the power of lies, unethical rhetoric, manipulation, and falsehood.

We are a county that is struggling with reality-testing during these traumatic times, and the only way forward in this complete Void/Unknown is with the reporting of Truth.

4 thoughts on “Honoring the Truth-Tellers during Independence Day

  1. I’m honored to help and contribute. My go to facilitator along with Crystal grids is burning; so you have any thoughts or requests on additions to include with candles/ incense?

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    1. I’m a huge fan of burning away what is not needed, so perhaps burning tabloid/paparazzi-supporting media (filled with untruth)? I’d set it up as, “We pray for the strength of the Truth-Tellers, and we are removing the influence of those that spread lies”. Hope that helps!


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