Equinox blessings to you all!

Greetings from the Mountain Farm! The trees are just starting to show gold underneath their summer green, the new piglets are getting stronger, and the past month has brought a slooooooooow down (in preparation for Druid Sabbatical).

On August 1st, I celebrated 8 years as a full-time shaman, which is a major milestone for me & my business! I’ve worked as a professional Druid healer since April 30th, 2010, but on Lughnasadh 8 years ago, I quit my psychologist job. I have studied & worked with clients in ceremony as a full-time spiritual healer and Druid clergy person ever since!

Recently, I was able to volunteer my skills in a healing workshop at Frederick Pagan Pride Day. I’ve been a part of this glorious event since its inception many years ago, and like most of us, I missed spiritual community over the worst of the pandemic years…

My ceremony was a small taste of the larger healing ritual I will be leading at Sacred Space/Between the Worlds conference in April 2023. This healing journey brought the spiritual community to Medusa and her Labyrinth of Statues. Attendees confronted their own “statues of fear” that were frozen in space/time, and all were supported by the powerful grid of crystals, stones, minerals, sacred woods, and Medusa herself!

This outdoor workshop was also the first time I presented with my HOH disability. I was able to use ASL for the first 4-5 minutes of my presentation; I even made the sign for “coyote” when introducing my name! But it was extremely difficult to not only project my voice loud enough to be heard over the multiplicity of sound, but also to hear any questions that attendees asked. I am looking forward to figuring out new & creative ways around these limitations…

Today & tomorrow mark the traditional Anglo-Saxon honoring of the Autumnal Equinox. It’s not celebrated in the same fashion within Celtic cultures, but with my Irish and German ancestry, I try to balance each culture’s four celebratory days throughout the year.

This year, the Equinox coincides with my Druid Sabbatical– I am traveling to NEPAL! In fact, I am typing this on my wee tablet here at JFK, as I await my flight to Kathmandu. My jhankri/shamanic teacher has asked me (and others) to join in a shamanic summit that is gathering healers from around the world! My experiences both living and working in the greater Washington D.C. area these past few years will be shared with others, in the hopes that we can discover ways to help each of our country’s most disabled, disenfranchised, and dysregulated people. I can’t wait to learn new healing techniques, share some of my own, and create a foundation of healing that will travel to ALL who have suffered with trauma & soul loss!

Stay tuned as I share photos, experiences, and “aha!” moments, when I have a dedicated WiFi connection! Aaaaoooooooo!

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