12 year Shamanniversary!

Today marks my anniversary of becoming a shaman for the MidAtlantic, East Coast, and international online community! Aaaaooo!

(c) 2017, Rev. Monika Kojote

Twelve years ago, I was preparing for my first public healing ceremony, as part of my on-the-job training studies with my former shamanism school (now permanently closed). That day was initiatory in so many different ways, and really helped me to trust and believe in the skills I was taught in order to help bring healing to any/all individuals who gave ethical consent. In the 4.5 hours that followed, I worked closely with 21 different strangers, providing insight, counsel, and energy healing. I crashed HARD in bed that night, ha ha ha! But once I felt the magic flowing through me, and discovered how effective the Spirits were in communicating with my clients, I was hooked. This is now my full time job & lifelong commitment!

This is a super-important weekend for me, and not just because of my shaman anniversary. It is also a powerful Eclipse, Beltane season, and the weekend of a major move of my home, office, and healing temple!

I’ve been a City Druid and healer my entire life, but for the very first time, at age 41, I will be making the move to a fully rural environment, along the Appalachian trail and South Mountain region of Washington County, MD.

Stay tuned as I bring updates of country living, nature spirituality, druid healing practices, animal healing, and of course, my continued work as a shaman for the MidAtlantic and online communities.


2 thoughts on “12 year Shamanniversary!

  1. Happy Shamanniversary! Thank you for sharing your purpose with us. May the move serve you well and offer deeper connection to your guides, guardians, gods, and goddesses.

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