Yuletide blessings & shame-eating

On 20th December, 2021, at 7pm EST, the Community and I gathered together in sacred space to fight against our inner darkness, shame, and trauma, and relight our flames of Hope!

(c) Rev. Monika Kojote, 2021

Not many know of the Celtic ritual of “sin eating:” a practice that saved the lives and souls of our Ancestors during the cold, dark winter. There are very few historical records surrounding this Druid indigenous practice, although it is still currently practiced in Wales (even into the 21st century!).

This year, Coyote offered to assist in the transmutation of “sins” by providing discussion on shame instead. While “sin” is a limited Xtian concept, shame is universal to all cultures, all genders, and all social-economic statuses.

“Shame is corrosive; it is a cancer- a tumor that grows from the injury of trauma, and the wounding of betrayal…” — Dr. Peter Levine

Shame is directly attached to the nervous system through trauma; injuries that are emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual in nature, and are directly tied to the Fight, Flight, or Freeze system.

Are you trapped by others’ limited beliefs about your capacity for success? Have you been stereotyped as the “black sheep” within your family, your workgroup, your community? Please watch and engage with this ritual, and begin to remove the projections that have been placed upon you that ARE NOT TRUE!

This ritual includes a short lecture on the psycho-spiritual aspects of shame, how our Ancestors attempted to transmute it, and how humans in the 21st century are struggling with it. After the lecture, a guided healing journey will be given to help viewers release their own toxic shame, receive healing from the Spirits, and return hope and light to their system.

One thought on “Yuletide blessings & shame-eating

  1. Thank you so much for this! Perfect blend of education and POWERFUL medicine! I’m so grateful to have been called here by the Coyote just in time!

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