Samhain season arrives with defiance!

Hello lovely readers, and welcome to the Celtic New Year celebrations! This Samhain season, from 31st October to 5th November, was filled with deep loss, grief, trauma, and a great desire for healing for the North American public. The ceremony below was held for the pagan community on Monday 1st November, and can be watched repeatedly to receive healing from the Spirits.

A supportive healing grid was created with both crystals and sacred woods of the Irish Ogham. The Morrigan also sent guidance with a prophecy of DEFIANCE! This call has been taken up by many healers, seers, and mystics, including the indominable HecateDemeter.

The types of Helping Spirits are described below:

(c) 2021, Rev. Monika Kojote
(c) 2021, Rev. Monika Kojote

Please enjoy this powerful healing ceremony, and I look forward to working with the pagan community again for Midwinter Yuletide celebrations!

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