FREE info: Rites of Passage group

Many of us here in the U.S. struggle with the process of becoming a fully realized, healthy, integrated adult. Within spiritual and shamanic cultures, both community celebration & ritual are used to energetically honor the movement of time. Adulthood, creation of a family, adoption of a pet, marriage, divorce, midlife challenges, physical body changes, mental health concerns, elderhood, births, deaths… all of these different experiences evolve our souls. This working group will provide a safe space to all genders for discovering Who They Are (LGBTIA+ inclusive).

from Wikicommons, public license

The Zoom link will be posted the day before to those that mark “going” on this event on Facebook. And yes, I too grumble often about that social media platform, but the ability to create events for a wide audience can’t be matched (yet)… Please join me for a FREE information session on Wednesday, June 30th, at 7pm EST!

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